Franks is the largest and top retailer of fragrances and cosmetics in Malta for over a hundred years, with seven outlets in all the main commercial centres. Furthermore the company also branched by opening the Franks Wine Boutique which boasts over a thousand different bottles of wine.

To create a campaign for the Christmas period which embodies the essence of Franks: “The Art of Beautiful Living”, whilst incorporating both the perfumery and the Wine Boutique.

Franks’ mission is to open the doors of luxury to all those with a flair for opulence and extravagance. The brief was to have a very modern and artistic design in-keeping with previous designs.

As the largest and top retailer of fragrances and cosmetics in Malta, as well as housing top wines and spirits within the Wine boutique we wanted to create a campaign which would portray the message that through Franks the customer is made to look and feel his/her best. Franks continuously strive to pamper their clients with the best of service on the island to make them feel like royalty, exposing them to the latest beauty and fragrant happenings in the top cities of the world – we needed a concept which would embody what Franks means to the customer.

We came up with the Campaign “Life’s a Game”. Since through Franks the customer is made to feel his best in this game called life. The dynamic creative portrays a stylised King, Queen and Joker set on individual playing cards to represent imagery of royalty, sophistication and entertainment. Each playing card shows a duplicate image, with the Queen seen holding a bottle of perfume on the one hand, whilst powdering her face in her mirror image; the King is shown spraying cologne and shaving; whereas the Joker (a.k.a. the Entertainer), is seen smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of red wine, to represent the Wine Boutique. 
The campaign was presented on various media like leading publications, newspapers, outdoor media (bus shelters) and social network platforms.