With time, media platforms evolve, some are also forgotten or discarded; but a great idea remains, irrelevant of its medium.
WAVA™ defines all that we’ve accomplished to-date. The new brand takes off from where Active Advertising left us, with a strong team of professionals who have one thing in common; dedication to creativity.
We’ve been bringing ideas to the table for over 30 years. We grow alongside our clients, creating brand awareness, reaching out to people and developing stories which are told through various media platforms.
This is what we do
The WAVA™ brand was created to represent our journey of creative thinking, hard work, dedication to clients’ requirements and a united team. We offer a wide range of Marketing and Advertising services under one roof.

Creative Strategy
Our strength lies in creating eye-catching and memorable campaigns that work! To do so we provide our clients with strategic marketing consultancy that is a powerful blend of strategic thinking, brainstorming, commercial experience and good judgement. Our approach to creating effective marketing strategies is to gain as much insight and understanding as possible at the initial stages via the client and through our own research. We then mix in or expertise and a heavy dose of intuition. We will strive to keep costs to a minimum wherever possible, ensuring client’s budget is spent in the most effective way.
Campaign structure & planning
WAVA™ will help you produce a marketing plan which outlines activities, objectives and costs to ensure you have an organised approach when it comes to your marketing. We want our clients to have a clear understanding of what’s out there, while offering our advice and expertise on where to place their money. Our campaign structure involves everything from TV, press and outdoor to event organising, product launches, digital marketing and social media. We pride on always delivering on time and on budget, ensuring the best possible exposure at all times. 
Design & Branding
At WAVA™ we strive to make your brand stand out from the crowd. We deliver striking and innovative ideas and creative, for all our customers big or small, because we believe that this provides the backbone of effective communications. From logos, corporate identity, brochure/literature design and brand communications, through to retail communications, packaging design, print management and infographics, we’ll give you outstanding creativity that delivers top-notch results.
Digital Marketing Management
Digital marketing in general has transformed the way businesses engage with their audiences. Rich and exciting new ways to communicate have given us a whole new set of opportunities to reach your customers and tell your story.

From branded content, videos, virals, photos, interactive advertising, and more, we will ensure your business is fully recognisable online and especially via social media platforms. We can offer various support services for social media marketing; from analysing current usage, setting up and designing bespoke profile pages to daily management of your sites.
Content creation
We create content that speaks to people in a clear and concise manner. Content that attracts attention and makes it “likeable” and “shareable” on social media. To do this we clearly define how editorial and creative content will help deepen the relationship you have with your customers and better bring your brand promises to life. Using numerous SEO techniques we can also optimise your content and website to maximise traffic and conversions to your site.
Motion picture & animation
We believe in creating work that touches people emotionally, and that people love, talk about and want to share. Whether your needs involve concept, CG, visual effects or animation, we believe in delivering a total experience of stunning execution from concept to delivery, including development and script.
Photography & Art Direction
At WAVA™ we have our very own team of photographers and videographers for all your imagery and film needs. We provide art direction at every photo shoot to ensure the best communication between client and photographer and to determine the overall style of the project. The final results speak for themselves.
Online presence
We create custom website designs with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results. Although we strive to make a first impression with our designs, we also understand the importance of the delicate balance between design and function.
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