What Breed Are You

Sunlab, a retail company in the Maltese islands approached us to design a bag as their stock was soon finishing. They requested something attractive with bright and contrasty elements, appealing those young and young at heart. The breed came out from categorising different brand with different stereotypes. As we already have to many labels in this jungle of brands, we took a more 'animal friendly' way. When one observes dogs and their owners, you can see similarities in their looks, in their facial expressions, general attitude and personality, amongst other things. We came up with the main stereotypes, choose their appropriate four legged partner and started setting the proposal artworks. The client was over the moon decided to go all out with it, creating a full-on advertising campaign, featuring it on various media, re designing the shelving system in their outlets, and giving a fresher, younger look to their business. We took care of the models, the dogs, the photo shoot, the editing and the final execution.

Final artworks

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