Bortex is a leading European manufacturer of quality men's and ladies tailored garments. Established in 1964, it has steadily built a reputation for high quality standards, reliability and flexible service. Its headquarters and knowledge-based activities are carried out from Malta.
Bortex approached us together with a number of other agencies, to come up with a logo and complete branding for a new formal and casual clothing line for men. The client wanted to create a look which was vibrant reflecting our Latin and Mediterranean heritage and identity, yet is also classic and timeless. The Gagliardi man is the epitome of refined elegance; he stands for quality, discreet luxury and style.
The Logo
Following a thorough brainstorming process, we came up with a number of logos and ideas for the client to choose from. The client had requested that we start building upon a notion of a crest in order to add a deeper meaning to the brand. The image of a wolf was chosen for its strong imagery and because it symbolises being part of a pack. Gagliardi's in fact just one brand in the Bortex tailoring “pack”. 
The typefaces have been selected on several criteria. Costantia is one of the most elegant typefaces, with wedge-serifs to facilitate continuous text in both electronic and paper publishing. The typeface endorses classical proportions, with a small x-height and long extenders, while the slight squarish and open counters ensure that it remains legible even at small sizes. It has a very condensed family of 4 variations (regular, italic, bold and bold italic) which makes it less complicated when it comes to branding.
Trajan Pro is a mighty example of an ancient Roman typeface, which reaches its peak of refinement in the first century A.D. It is believed that these letters were first designed with a brush and then carved into stone. The typeface design is based on letterforms of capitalis monumentalis or Roman Square Capitals. We selected Trajan to be used as a secondary typeface for Gagliardi as featured in the brand description - Sartoria dal 1984 (Tailoring since 1984).
WAVA’s proposals hit all the right buttons and works went ahead with the branding process for the clothing line.
Once the final logo was approved, we went on to design the label for both the casual and formal apparel as well as the design for buttons, tags, small labels for ties, price tags, ribbons, embroidery, hangers and carry bags. In addition, we designed the shop facade, signage, shop interior and display furniture.
This was the first clothing line which we were entrusted to brand from scratch and it is a job we are very proud of. It gives us great satisfaction to see somebody wearing Gagliardi.
Final Logo
Logo Proportions

Labeling for Formal Clothing line 
Labeling Position
Brand and Price Tags
Casual Labeling Position
Casual Labels
Casual Brand & Price Tags
Embroidery samples
Various Hanger styles for Regular Suit, Regular Sweater/ Polo Shirt or Premium Suits.
Various Bags - (from top left) Regular Vertical Carry Bag • Regular Horizontal Carry Bag • Large Horizontal Carry Bag (for shoes) • Large Re-enforced Vertical 'Premium' Carry Bag • Large Re-enforced Horizontal 'Premium' Carry Bag
Facade Outlet design - artist impression
Front elevation of Outlet Facade
Final Product
Image courtesy of Bortex

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